Studio e analisi dei processi fisici, chimici e biologici che determinano il funzionamento e la dinamica degli agro-ecosistemi negli ambienti a clima mediterraneo, per il miglioramento quali-quantitativo delle produzioni, per l’ottimizzazione dell’uso delle risorse naturali, e per la valorizzazione delle funzioni dei sistemi agricoli e forestali. Sviluppo e applicazione di metodi di ricerca e di innovazioni tecnologiche avanzate per il monitoraggio e la previsione degli impatti e delle risposte degli ecosistemi agrari e forestali alle pressioni antropiche e climatiche.

L’ISAFOM afferisce al Dipartimento di Scienze Bio-Agroalimentari del CNR ed ha una "massa critica" di 89 unità ripartito tra le sedi di Portici - NA (sede centrale), Catania, Rende (CS), e Perugia.

Biosystems EngineeringVolume 200, December 2020, Pages 112-122


The relationship between seed physical characteristics and seed quality is widely investigated by using X-ray based imaging techniques. Recently the use of X-ray micro-tomography (micro-CT) is increasingly used for more accurate characterisation of the internal seed morphology.

Plants 2020(9), 1225

The association among environmental cues, ethylene response, ABA signaling, and reactive oxygen species (ROS) homeostasis in the process of seed dormancy release is nowadays well-established in many species. Alternating temperatures are recognized as one of the main environmental signals determining dormancy release, but their underlying mechanisms are scarcely known.

BMC Genomics volume 21, Article number: 317 (2020

The investigation of transcriptome profiles using short reads in non-model organisms, which lack of well-annotated genomes, is limited by partial gene reconstruction and isoform detection. In contrast, long-reads sequencing techniques revealed their potential to generate complete transcript assemblies even when a reference genome is lacking. Cynara cardunculus var. altilis (DC) (cultivated cardoon) is a perennial hardy crop adapted to dry environments with many industrial and nutraceutical applications due to the richness of secondary metabolites mostly produced in flower heads.

 eLTER H2020 Project, Grant/Award Number: 654359; Italian Ministry of University and Research, Grant/Award Numbers: CNR DBA.AD003.139, CNR DTA.AD003.474; National Research Council of Italy, Department of Biology, Agriculture, and Food Secures, Grant/Award Number: 71951

The effects of short‐term extreme events on tree functioning and physiology are still rather elusive. European beech is one of the most sensitive species to late frost and water shortage. We investigated the intra‐annual C dynamics in stems under such conditions. Wood formation and stem CO2 efflux were monitored in a Mediterranean beech forest for 3 years (2015–2017), including a late frost (2016) and a summer drought (2017). The late frost reduced radial growth and, consequently, the amount of carbon fixed in the stem biomass by 80%.

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