PRIMA S2 2019

Overview of the project

The project aims to improve farm and irrigation district water use efficiency and farm profitability by developing an operational management system (Web-Gis System) for irrigation scheduling, water allocation and economic water productivity. The SMARTIES system will be designed to be used: i) in real time mode, during the irrigation season, to support irrigation strategy for weekly and seasonal forecast; ii) in an off line mode, before the irrigation season, as in interactive simulator of irrigation and crop yield strategy under seasonal forecast conditions, supporting crop and irrigation decision strategy and the irrigation water policies impact.

The WG System will be sustained by several tools designed pixel-wise as: numerical soil moisture energy - water balance models, crop model, assimilation of satellite data, estimation in real time of present and future soil water content with daily to seasonal forecast horizons.

The system will be tested in six case studies across Southern Europe and North Africa including Italy, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt.

The project will be carried out by 13 partners (8 from European Union and 5 from North Africa)

Project Leader - Prof Marco Mancini, Politecnico di Milano, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Principal Investigator of participant CNR-ISAFOM Dr Francesca De Lorenzi, CNR-ISAFOM