Researcher – Environmental Physicist

email: daniela.famulari[at];daniela.famulari[at]

tel.: +39 06.4993 (int.27573)


  • PhD in Atmospheric and Environmental Physics, Edinburgh University (UK).

Research Interests : 

  • Land-Atmosphere interface dynamics of pollutants and GHG: soil and vegetation exchange with the surface layer.
  • Sustainability of agriculture for N2O soil emissions, and N-compounds from fertilisers.
  • Impacts on semi-natural ecosystems such as moorlands of long-range transported pollutants.
  • Biogeochemical cycles of C-, N- compounds, such as gaseous NH3, aerosol precursors, GHG and trace gases.
  • Mitigation of atmospheric pollution through vegetation (silviculture, agroforestry, buffer semi-natural zones) for preservation of biodiversity.
  • Contaminated land impacts.

Lab/field Activities:

  • Co-PI of the urban site of San Marcellino (IAUC site) in the city of Naples.
  • LASER absorption spectroscopy (QCLAS, TDLAS) for flux measurements of trace gases: N2O, NH3, HNO3, CH4.
  • Applied micrometeorology for measuring fluxes (eddy covariance, REA, aerodynamic gradient), in exchange processes between land (for both soil and vegetation) and atmosphere in rural, urban and natural areas, for independent verification of emission inventories.

Support Activities:

  • Supervision and training of younger staff and students.


ICOS: Integrated Carbon Observation System Research Infrastructure (Organo finanziatore: EU)

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