Technician (VI Level)

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Tel.:+39  095.6139952  



Degree in Animal Production Sciences at Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna.

Licensed to practice Forest Agronomist.  


Main research interests

  • Identification of domestic and wild cardoon with high oleic acid content
  • Evaluation of cardoon seeds by-products for animal feeding
  • Evaluation of Mediterranean germoplasm for the extraction of high polymeration grade inulin
  • Improvement of artichoke hearts shelf-life techniques


Laboratory activities

  • Morphological and yield parameters evaluation
  • Technical support.


Field activities

  • Organization and coordination of experimental field trials
  • Samples harvesting
  • Evaluation of plant developmental parameters.
  • Evaluation of plant yield parameters
  • Evaluation of plant physiological parameters


Research support activities

  • Agronomical support for improving nutritional quality of typical products of Mediterranean environment (e.g. pomegranate, artichoke)
  • Agronomical support for cardoon biomass characterization for energy, fuel, combustible utilization and for their use as by-products.
  • Agronomical support for the enhancement of officinal plant species in the Mediterranean environment.