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Electronic engineering and employee at the National Research Council (CNR) - Institute for Agricultural and Forestry Systems of the Mediterranean (ISAFOM), support organizational unit of Catania, via Empedocle, 58 (CT).

Scientific coordinator of the computer area of ​​the ISAFOM CNR in Catania.


Main research interests:

  • sensors, automation, electronics and computer science, Design, development and evaluation of distributed and heterogeneous information systems, targeted to Green Cities and the agri-food domain and based on Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge engineering methodologies.

Specific competencies include:

  • Technologies for smart green cities, smart sensors and data management in agriculture, Semantic web   and ontologies, Data analytics, Knowledge discovery  from Big Data, Cyber-physical systems, Deep Learning and Computer vision. Excellent electronic and IT knowledge and use of technology.
  • Knowledge of many computer programs including: Microsoft, Linux operating systems, Orcad applications, PSpice, Logic works, Matlab, Visual Basic, C ++ language, Assembler, Qbasic.
  • Knowledge of structural funds and creator of many of projects such as PON, FESR, Horizon 2020 etc.
  • Evaluated collaboration with national and multinational companies.
  • University of Palermo, Teacher in management engineering Degree(date 2010/2011) Analysis of an innovative production system and related supply chain.

Main scientific publications and industrial patents:

  • patent : “Automatic distributor for juices extracted from fresh fruit “
  • patent: “Equipment for collecting , counting , classifying and dispensing coins”
  • patent: “Automatic distributor for juices extracted from fresh fruit “
  • patent:“Distributeur automatique de jus extraits de fruits frais “
  • “Wi-City : A Federation Architecture of Metropolitan Database to Support Mobile User in Real time “
  • “ Real time assessment of hand-arm vibration system based on capacitive MEMS “
  • “Cynara Cardunculus L.To Produce Biofuel in semi – arid environment of mediterranean basin “


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