email: erlisiana.anzalone[at];erlisiana.anzalone[at]

Tel. +39 06.4993(int. 27523)


  • Laurea in Geological Sciences, (1999), University of Naples
  • Examination for geological activity, University of Naples
  • PhD in Earth Sciences, (2005), University of Naples


Scientific Profile in brief:

  • Since her Doctoral Thesis (2001 – 2004), Dr. Anzalone focused her research interests on the study of travertine deposits (Tivoli, Acquasanta, Pontecagnano, Paestum, Rocchetta a Volturno, Contursi and Pamukkale travertines), carbonate continental systems and their role as good indicators of climate cyclicity. In addition, these deposits mimic small-scale carbonate platforms in some environmental trends.
  •  She followed several Master degree and Doctorate thesis of Federico II University of Naples and Roma 3 Univ. on travertine subject. She collaborated with Statoil and Petrobras oil company. At regard, she collaborated on two guidebooks for excursions through the travertines and microbialites of central and southern Italy, in collaboration with the University of Rome 3. She was a teacher for a “Travertine Courses” at Petrobras company and Rio Claro University of Brazil.
  • She partecipated in several projects, both on travertine and climate change as well as environmental monitoring : PON AMICUS, I-AMICA; NEXT DATA, STIGEAC; National Research Grants (PRIN), Cocarde association group. She partecipated several Oceanpgraphyc Cruises.
  • She has been working in the field of stratigraphy, cyclostratigraphy and paleoclimate using sedimentological and geochemical analysis. Most of her research was performed on freshwater carbonates.
  • She was co-author of several papers, technical report, guidebooks, chapter of books. She was co-tutor of PhD thesis and Degree Thesis


Major Research topics:

  • Facies analysis and high-resolution isotope stratigraphy of Italian fossil and recent travertines (freshwater carbonates) for paleo-environmental and paleo-climatic reconstruction (mainly of late Pleistocene and Holocene).
  • Relationship between travertine formation, climate and sea level oscillations;
  • Comparison between evolutionary trends of freshwater and shallow-water marine carbonates;
  • Shallow-water marine core data stratigraphy;
  • Database design for paleo-climate data management;
  • Integrated Environmental Monitoring


Member of International Association of Sedimentology, SGI (Italian Geological Society) in its scientific sessions :  Geologia forense; Geosed (Associazione per la Geologia del Sedimentario); Geologia ambientale

She is involved in several science outreach activities (e.g. expert for training of pupils on issues of Earth Science and citizen science promoter).

She is referent for the training for the Isafom-CNR institute and referent for scientific divulgation for Isafom (CNR) of Ercolano institute





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