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Skype: Terenzio zenone

Tel: + 39 06.4993(int. 27525)

Phone 335 8369630


National Scientific Habilitation (ASN)  as Associate  Professor:

  • Agronomia e sistemi colturali erbacei ed ortofloricoli 07/B1
  • Scienze e tecnologie dei sistemi arborei e forestali 07/B2

PhD in Forest Ecology. College of Agricultural science. University of Padova (Italy).

Master in Agroforestry production of biomass for energy use. College of Agricultural science. University of Padova (Italy).

Degree in Agricultural Sciences. University of Milan. Faculty of Agriculture (Italy).


Principali interessi di ricerca :

Dr. Terenzio Zenone’s interest focuses on studies related to land-atmosphere interactions and gas exchanges of the main biogeochemical cycle (CO2, H2O, CH4, N20, O3, BVOCs) observed at the ecosystem level using the eddy covariance technique. Over the years Dr Zenone has productively establish new interdisciplinary approaches to clarify environmental issues related to land use change, bioenergy production, and impacts of agricultural management on greenhouse gas emission in several research networks in Europe (Carboeurope, Nitroeurope), USA (Great Lake Bioenergy Research Centre, Agricultural Long Term Ecological research LTER) and Italy (Carboitaly project).

Research areas: 

  • biogeochemical cycles,
  • greenhouse gas emission
  • land use change
  • bioenergy
  • soil carbon

CV Zenone





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